About us

Mission Statement

Pius X Junior/Senior High School, a regional college preparatory school of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Allentown, PA exists to educate young men and women
to grow in faith, excel in academics and mature in self-discipline.*
Building on the strengths, talents and resources of teachers and community,
students are challenged to develop holistically in a learning environment
that is safe and rooted in Gospel values.
Students are encouraged to strive for personal excellence and responsible citizenship and
“renew all things in Christ”.

*core values

Belief Statements

Grow in Faith

  • We believe that everyone has unique worth as an individual created by God.
  • We believe that to “renew all things in Christ”, the integration of purity (Christian behavior), loyalty (friendship and communication) and piety (prayer and good works) is the ultimate goal of Pius X.
  • We believe that Pius X Catholic High School reflects a faith-based, welcoming community developed within the Roman Catholic tradition.
  • We believe that there is redemptive value within each student.

Excel in Academics

  • We believe that students learn from a variety of methods and activities.
  • We believe that excellence is achievable and always worth the investment.
  • We believe that accountability to academic standards is a priority in the learning environment.
  • We believe that education is the shared responsibility of parents, teachers, administrators and students.

Mature in Self-Discipline

  • We believe that self-discipline is developed through education and growth, enhanced within a moral environment.
  • We believe that understanding and an appreciation of diversity are critical to the multicultural world in which we live.
  • We believe that young people need consistency, respect, and a sense of pride to develop self-discipline.
  • We believe that each student deserves a safe and nurturing learning environment.
  • We believe that with each choice and action, there is a consequence.

Our Mission Statement of Purpose

Pius X Junior/Senior High School exists to educate young men and women to grow in faith, excel in academics and mature in self-discipline “to renew all things in Christ”.