Testosterone is the key male hormone.  Testosterone influences men’s muscle mass and strength, bone density, hair growth, red blood cell production, aggression, erectile function, sex drive, fat distribution, sleep patterns and many other factors in a man’s life.  With testosterone being such an important hormone and controlling so many different functions of your body, it is vital to make sure that your testosterone levels do not get too low. Testosterone levels naturally decline with age, and can also decrease with certain medical conditions.


Because declining testosterone levels is natural, you need to actively do something to raise your testosterone levels.  One of the best ways to increase your testosterone is by using  testosterone supplements.  Testosterone supplements will help your body produce more testosterone.  While each supplement will be different in terms of ingredients, each one will naturally help your body increase its production of testosterone.

There are a wide range of available testosterone supplements.  We make sure to carefully study the ingredients so we can recommend the best available product.  In addition to the supplement’s ingredients, we ask for our customer’s feedback and research the manufacturer to ensure the product’s safety.  Using these factors, we let you know which products we feel are the best to help you increase testosterone.

All of the testosterone supplements we recommend are completely natural and safe.  As with any supplement, however, you should check with your doctor before taking a testosterone supplement.  This is especially true if you have any medical conditions.  You should always try to keep your testosterone levels normal.

If your testosterone levels are on the decline for any reason, these natural testosterone supplements can get you back on track.  You can get the muscle definition you are looking for, increase your sex drive, improve your sleep and reduce your cholesterol all at the same time.  The best part is, we are so confident in the products we recommend that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied at all, just give us a call, and you can return the product you purchased for a full refund.  You really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.



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The Powerful Effects of Testosterone

Testosterone is a sex hormone the male body requires in high concentrations to perform at its best. Testosterone plays a pivotal role in a number of cellular processes. What does testosterone do? It can boost muscle mass, produce feelings of sexual desire, regulate general energy levels and mood, and even enhance certain cognitive processes. Without adequate levels of testosterone, men feel lethargic and typically experience a loss of muscle mass and a decrease in sex drive.

Testosterone makes it easier for muscle cells to repair themselves after workouts. Muscle doesn’t actually build during workouts. Workouts break down muscles, and it’s only after they are over that muscles have a chance to repair themselves. Usually, muscles overcompensate during the repair process and end up building themselves up to be stronger than they were before. Testosterone plays a key role in this entire process.

It’s a common misconception that exercise increases the number of muscle cells you have. Actually, you are never able to increase the amount of muscle cells you have in your body. What you are able to increase is the size of your muscle cells. You can build up muscle fibers within your muscle cells, and these fibers make your muscle cells increase in volume and strength. Testosterone makes it much easier for your body to increase the number of muscle fibers in your muscle cells. It’s the main reason men are so much stronger than women.

Everyone knows that testosterone is the chemical base for feelings of sexual desire. Desire for sex is strongly correlated with testosterone levels. Men with very high levels of testosterone generally have extremely high sex drives. The opposite is true for men with very low levels of testosterone. Of course testosterone does not govern all aspects of sexual functioning, but testosterone levels are by far the most powerful single factor involved in sexual health.

Energy levels can vary a lot throughout the day. One of the key chemical factors related to energy levels is testosterone levels. Testosterone levels do not remain constant throughout the day. Testosterone levels are generally higher in the morning and much lower by the end of the day. This helps explain why so many people generally feel more energized towards the beginning of the day, and less energized at the end of the day. It also helps explain why young high-testosterone men generally have higher energy levels than older low-testosterone men.

Testosterone affects mood just as powerfully as it affects energy levels. Depressed men typically have testosterone levels that are about 20% lower than nondepressed men. Testosterone supplementation has been proven to increase mood in men. Testosterone is actually a better antidepressant in many ways than most of the drugs used as antidepressants. Most antidepressant drugs (SSRIs) have the effect of reducing sexual functioning, while testosterone increases sexual functioning. Both antidepressant drugs and testosterone result in roughly equal increases in mood.

One of the lesser-known functions of testosterone is its effects on cognitive functioning. Testosterone makes it easier for the brain to concentrate. Young men with high levels of testosterone typically outperform older men with low levels of testosterone on some mental tests. Testosterone levels are not related to verbal cognitive functions, but they are related to some spatial cognitive functions. Men are generally better at navigation than women, and this is largely due to the effects of testosterone on their brains.

The answer to the question, “What does testosterone do?” is not a simple one. Part of the reason testosterone has so many different effects is that it literally comes into contact with all the cells in the body. Unlike a lot of other biological chemicals, it is not restricted to a couple regions in the body. Like most hormones, testosterone circulates constantly in the bloodstream.

Lower testosterone levels are a common side effect of aging. The good news is that lower testosterone levels do not necessarily have to accompany aging. More and more research is uncovering the positive effects of testosterone-stimulating supplements. Individuals can choose whether or not they want to experience lower testosterone levels as they age. There are some of the best male hormone boosters on the market that make it possible for older men to preserve their vitality.

Testosterone is the ultimate masculinizing hormone. It plays a critical role in most processes in the male body. It increases lean muscle mass, increases libido, energizes, elevates mood, and increases the ability to concentrate. Without it, men cannot be men.